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Instrument Cluster

  • LCD Instrument Cluster for toyota corolla

LCD Instrument Cluster for toyota corolla

  • * 12.3 inch touchable screen
  • * 2+32GB ; Quad-core 
  • * dual Android system 7.1
  • * multimedia system

Instrument display panel for corolla coming soon

M1 corolla.jpg

land cruiser cluster.png


Malfunction Indicator Lights to Remind Drivers, Ensure Smooth Driving Experience
LCD paneloriginal panel
Display Full LCDPartial LCD
screen4 UI stylesMonotonous screen
night vision1080P 
GPS navigation
Network connection
Tire pressure


                Comprehensive Car Data on its HD screen, Well command the vehicle Information

land cruiser cluster basic display 1.png

factory setup land cruiser cluster.png


1080P, Full-color Night Vision, Greatly Improve Night Driving Safety

* Display 1080P, full-color image while driving at night, obtain much better visual effects.

* The camera captures 360°wide-angle vision, present a broader view of the road.

* 9-inch night vision display screen will not cause eye strain, easily get the road situation.

night vision land cruiser.png

In-built GPS System,Provide Accurate Positioning and Navigation

*Just enter an address, it will show you directions and plan your route in real time.

*Download the map , it will head to the destination intelligently without network.

*With voice navigation,you can hear the route, causing less distraction.

gps land cruiser.png

Listen to Music or Watch Movies While Resting, Enjoy the Relaxing Moment

*Connected to network, search and listen to music freely.

*Import video into this system through USB, watch movies on its 12.3" screen.

music land cruiser.png

Non-destructive Install, the Coolest Addition to the Interior

*Read and keep original vehicle data, all valuable information is saved.

*Steering wheel controls, much more convenient to use.

*The whole installation process takes less than half an hour by yourself.



Instrument display panel for corolla coming soon

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