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Electric Tailgate

  • For Toyota highlander electric tailgate wholesale auto parts

For Toyota highlander electric tailgate wholesale auto parts

  • *Auto electric tailgate lifting system
  • *Anticollision and anti-pinch
  • *Mute struts, avoid noisy mechanism 
  • *Abundant stock for models, OEM welcome

For highlander electric tailgate modified car trunk door installation automatic lifting rear door with foot sensor optional tail gate 

For toyota highlander electric tailgate.jpg

tailgate 30.jpg

tailgate 2.jpg


tailgate 3.jpg

tailgate 4.jpg

tailgate 6.jpg

Product Images 

Double struts --- supporting while some models will be one strut, all depends. Strong power for opening the doors freely .


ECU --- essential , our software and ECU is stable to control the whole process of opening or closing the doors.

ECU tailgate.png


Accessories display --- perfect metal cutting , hidden cable installing, 100% compatible with original car buttons

tailgate s_副本.png

Packaging --- Strong and solid to keep product in good condition

tailgate packing.webp.jpg


Models are updating gradually , more models are just coming.

If you can't find the one you want, please inform me and i will check ASAP.

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